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Web.com Group Inc. is an American company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida that provides domain name registration and web development services. Established in 1999 by Darin Brannan, the company was known as Website Pros Inc. until early 2008, after acquiring an Atlanta-based company called Web.com (changing its name to Web.com), which was founded in 1981 and formerly known as Interland, Inc. Web.com has 3.3 million subscribers, as of 2016, and 3,500 employees throughout the United States and in Argentina, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as of 2017.

Risha mentioned, "I don't understand what's been going on with Web.com lately. They used to have the best service yet lately they've been slacking. One minute my website works, the next minute it doesn't. I purchased a website and ssl from them. The ssl didn't work for two weeks. They need to get it together."


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SEO and PPC (Former Employee) says

"Management are completely useless and incapable of performing their duties. They are scamming their own customers and then have a high churn rate and bad reviews everywhere because of it. Not a good work environment. Better off elsewhere. You have been warned."

New Business Development (Former Employee) says

"Web.com is a great company to get your feet wet in sales. If you are experienced in sales and have managerial skills this is not an ideal work environment for you. some remote workmanagerial team, low salary, treat their employees as numbers (aka they do not care about their employees)Thanks for your feedback and for your acknowledgement of our team. We are sorry to hear the team didn't work out for you personally. Over the years we have invested heavily into expanding our training, employee engagement, and leadership. We wish you the best in the future and hope that you have found a career path where you can thrive. -Keith Burkhalter, VP of Customer Support and Sales"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bad leadership they eat their own they mislead employees false hope poor compensation cheat customers no growth or development lazy lack innovation badWe are sorry to hear that your experience as a member of the Sales team did not measure up to your expectations. The success and satisfaction of our employees is something we are focused on and take great pride in as a company. We’re constantly evaluating the performance of our products and their competitive position in the market as well as collecting feedback from our customers to drive improvement and ensure we’re delivering the value businesses need. We thank you for providing your feedback and wish you the best in the future. -Keith Burkhalter, VP of Customer Support and Sales"

Quality Control Editor (Former Employee) says

"Honestly, I have that place seven good years. Went through seven managers (the last one for the last four) and at least a dozen and a half different supervisors. No real consistency at the top outside of lining their own pockets. No consistency in the middle as rules change too often even for the environment. No real focus on the employees or upgrading products or good business decisions.We appreciate your honest feedback. We pride ourselves on providing an environment that is not only professional but also fun and motivating to our employees. It is disappointing to learn that this was not the case for you personally. We understand we don't always get it right however, your ideas and comments help us make the necessary changes. We’ve already actioned many ideas surfaced by our team. However, we appreciate the additional feedback you have provided. Thanks, again, and we wish you much success! – Chris Day, Vice President, Design Services"

Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"The company is unorganized when it comes to staffing. It is extremely hard to meet metrics in order to receive your payout for commission.The incoming calls are non stop with little support from team leaders during high call volumes.Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We’re disappointed to hear about your employee experience with Web.com. It is always our goal to create an environment that promotes strong growth and development opportunities for our employees. We encourage our employees to reach out to leadership if you see room for improvement. This is how we have actioned many new processes and there will be more to come. We hope you will participate in the conversation and continue to provide feedback. - Lisa Anteau, SVP Customer Care"

Lead Verification (Former Employee) says

"There was no room to grow within the company. My immediate manager was hardly ever there and it was hard for me to find out the answers to questions I had. Overall the job, and Web.com caused me more stress than the job was worth.Thank you for taking the time to provide such a candid review of your employee experience at Web.com. We’re disappointed to hear that your experience fell short of your expectations. It is always our goal to create opportunities that promote growth and development for our employees. We are sorry to hear that you did not find this to be the case for you personally. We appreciate your honesty and wish you the best in future endeavors. – Deb Myers, Chief People Officer"

Network Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The management team sucks and only truly cares about padding their pockets. Web.com only cares about their senior management, several employees posed allegations of discrimination against management only to have the employees fired and the management moved to different departments.We appreciate your feedback and your comments will be passed along to the management team. We pride ourselves on providing an environment that is not only professional but also fun and motivating to our employees. Your review is disappointing to read and we would encourage you to reach out to HR regarding your concerns as your feedback and ideas will help us make the shift. Thank you for your comments and we hope to have an opportunity to speak with you soon. -Brian Hults, Chief People Office"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The products were hard to sell. i wasnt there long before i knew it wasnt for me and moved on to other things. Staff was great and helped as much as they could."

Online Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is a good job if you are just out of school. Management is young and definitely needs training. Job role changes and new acquisition leaves much to be desired. If you have no other job offers then would take this as a last resort.On site medicalEverything elseThank you for the feedback. Web.com is a growing company and with the recent acquisition, we look forward to being a private company where we can make decisions with a different frame of mind.– Web.com Customer Experience Team"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"*******Speak with someone that works here or find someone that has previously worked here before you accept a position****** A miserable place to work and currently interviewing elsewhere. The company is currently for sale and management just laid off 100 people on the Lead Stream division two weeks ago. The commission structure is very difficult to attain, however I hit quarterly and I'm in the top 25% relative to my peers. You can realistically expect to earn $35K - $40K if you can act animated and read aloud precisely.They will hire anyone. A good temporary job.Literally a Kindergarten for adults with good music in the background."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is the WORST company to work for! Very hard to make commissions. Management is degrading and disrespectful. Horrible corporate culture, Low PayFree LunchEverything Else"

Inside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Churn and Burn Exceptionally unrealistic sales goals mandated or else you are put on a PIP or Performance Improvement Plan of which you really don't have an escape because the aforementioned unrealistic sales goals are even harder to reach. They simply weed out those who can't make it and focus on those who can. Horrible company to work for."

Digital Media Consultant III (Current Employee) says

"Avoid at all cost. Hardest job ever and then they laid of thousands in one day with no notice and no explanation. Horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Awful place to work. Everyone is quitting because of the treatment of employees. And everyone is scared the office is closing. The managers are terrible."

Telesales Executive (Former Employee) says

"They have their favourites and get rid of people on a whim no job security. Not good at all Everything is done too fast you don't get time to learn about the products before you selling.Finish early on fridaysNo job security"

Call Centre Agent - Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"As my first job in a call center i wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The Management is incompetent and they have no interest in assisting the employees succeed, They lie to their customers and over charge for there products which have basically no support."

Digital Marketing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Too much middle management and the acquisitions started to destroy the company. The internal workings that were supposed to manage the products didn't do a great job. I would have to go behind them and have everything adjusted once it went live because it was almost surely not setup right.stock optionseverything else"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"This place will expect you to be a rockstar immediately and not to mention they monitor everything that you do and if you slack you are gone. The work/life balance is never there because of the constant stress you bring home.nothingwork/life balance, compensation, leadership"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for 6 years. I was an original Solid Cactus Employee. Web.com came in, changed our culture, worked us like dogs, destroyed our brand and told us if we wanted pay raises to look for another job. Management is the biggest joke of all. We had almost 300 clients and they put their puppet in place and the client totals tanked. No care for the employees and no care for the clients. Poor company, poor management and even poorer leadership. This company is a train wreck waiting to happen.noneSee above"

SMB Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"there are so many things wrong with this company dont even know where to start. they need some work. could be worse though."

Katie Sage (KatieS) says

"Awful. Problems started within weeks of sign up as it became apparent that my DIY website was missing any type of store function. It transpired that this had “accidentally” been missed. Next, for reasons still unknown I became unable to login with my correct password, but when trying to reset it the screen states that this is not possible ‘at this time’, but then when trying again I was told I could not as I’d been issued a new password in the last 48 hrs - even though I had not. When eventually, after days and having to send over proof of the above an engineer did manage to get me logged in the same situation would just repeat itself after the next logout. The snag to all this of course is that once you’ve purchased a domain and started the lengthy process of building a website it’s nearly impossible to move away, so I guess I’m stuck with this appalling service. So, my advice to others - go elsewhere and avoid web.com like the plague."

Andrew says

"I have been using web.com for a number of years. The response time to the telephone support line has got progressively worse to the point where I no longer get through at all. For European customers they have no toll-free telephone line and no callback service. Long expensive queue-calls were the norm, now I simply get cut off after about half an hour on hold on an international telephone call. The hold music hasn't changed in many years and is repetitive and now irritating, interspersed with uninformative spoken segments."

Andrew says

"I've been a customer for over 10 years. I am not receiving emails due to register.com having been attacked. I have noted that the telephone helpline queues have grown slowly over the years and now the wait is too long. I have waited for over 30 minutes and for 25 minutes without getting answered. I cannot send an email and no chat support is available during a convenient time for me in Europe. Not suitable for non USA or Canada customers, I do not recommend."

BrilliantTobys Darces says

"Can't contact them"

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